“Glenn came by yesterday and did a validation/calibration check on my two flow meters. I just wanted to let you know everything went well and give positive feedback on Glenn’s professional attitude and expertise. He takes his job serious and I would recommend him to anyone of my colleagues who would need assistance in the future.”

Jimmy U., Dow Chemical

“Pleased. [Wingo Service] came out and went very smooth.”

Bill L., Shell Deer Park

“Absolutely great. Have been extremely happy with work. We are always faced with one hurdle after another and Wingo Service is always flexible and we appreciate it.”

Jessie S., Nalco

Thank you so much for your help. Your response time and quality of work were exemplary. As I mentioned, we will eventually employ a “PLC and SCADA” system for monitoring and control of the entire plant. We will then deploy multiple alarm horns throughout the plant. And based on your performance, we will offer the bid for these services to Wingo Services Company.

Darrell L. Plant Manager, Memstar USA, Inc.

“Everytime I have had Wingo out, they have done a wonderful job.”

Fred F., Air Liquide

“We are very pleased…Glen worked quickly and was nothing but a big help.”

Michael H., ExxonMobil

“[Wingo Service] is my hero…I hope we can work it out that we can use Wingo Service Company for years to come.”

Jim R., Texas A&M University

“[Wingo Service] went above and beyond what was expected…kept me abreast of what was going on. We talked three or four times over the phone because I was out of town…very helpful.”

Monty N., ExxonMobil

“[Wingo Service] technician was absolutely knowledgeable and professional.”

Michael H., Halliburton

“I now call Wingo Service whenever I need anything.”

David D., University of Houston

“Always satisfied…We have been pretty well satisfied with everything you guys do.”

Larry F., U.S. Steel

“No problems at all…able to get in and get going…did a good job and quickly.”

Danny D., Zachary

“I trust David Norwood persist to what I need done and he gets right on it.”

Chris K., Valvoline

“Everything seems to be working great. [Wingo Service] is very informative and helped me out over the phone.”

Craig S., Shell Martine

“Repair went smooth… came back very satisfied.”

Mike H., Shell Puget Sound Refinery

“Leave Steve McNeil out here!”

Lyndon H., Shell W.

“More than pleased… gave understanding and insight.”

Martin P., Shell Mars platform

“We appreciate what Wingo does. You have really good people. Top-notch quality people…You always do a good job. You are our ‘go-to’ people. Everything is great.”

Calvin H., Praxair

“Timely – efficient. No problems”

Jared F., Nalco

“Can’t say enough about Steve McNeil. He is always available. Very helpful as well as all the other guys.”

Louie P., Praxair

“[Wingo Service] has been very responsive. Good at follow-ups.”

Amanda R., Lockheed Martin

“Always does good job. Steve McNeil is really professional. We call him for maintenance and troubleshooting. I am really happy with what Steve McNeil has done. All installations are looking good and all machines are going.”

York M., Conoco Phillips

“Everything is going really well. Steve McNeil replaced our bad part with one of his. Steve has answers for everything.”

Don M., Praxair

“Hard workers – showed a lot of initiative.”

Kevin S., Nalco

“[Wingo Service] is EXTREMELY knowledgeable. Wingo is Ace-in-the-hole.”

Jim W., CRI

“Everything in their work area was left clean.”

Micharl W., Apache Services

“The group are wonderful to work with. No complaints.”

Winky B., Air Liquide

“[Wingo Service] takes care of our needs and there are no issues with the work.”

J.R. , Clowers

“We all know each other and know how to treat each other. The last few outages have been the same group of guys. Duck is always willing to work with me.”

Patrick R., Air Liquide

“Came out and did a really good job this year, good response…awesome and did it in one day.”

Randy B., DuPont

“I’m very happy with the way the guys perform. They did exactly what I asked of them. Very pleased…”

Cody A., Air Liquide

“Very professional! All very good workers.”

Sean S. – Project Manager , Centerpoint Energy

“Extremely Happy! If we have any issues, we will definitely be giving [Wingo Services] a call back!”

Alfred G., City of Houston

“We had some issues last week but [Wingo Service] took care of them and it all worked out.”

Guy J., Chevron Phillips

“We actually got more than what we expected. We got a good value. Everything went real smoothly.”

Jerry H., Air Liquide

“Dale and Vishnu’s abilities have been invaluable, and we definitely look forward to continue to use Wingo’s services.”

Danny S., Chem Coast

“There was a problem with one of my relays and [Wingo Service] stuck with it. On another issue I called Tommy at 8pm and he was eating dinner but he came right out. I really appreciate that…very methodical”

Earnest P., Air Liquide


Ellen R., DuPont

“Our preferred vendor!”

Mike P., Chevron Phillips

“All work completed in a timely manner.”

Terence M., Centerpoint Energy

“Top of the line!”

Larry R., Chevron Phillips