Instrumentation and Analyzers

Gas Analyzers: Real-time gas analysis enhances efficiency, safety, throughput, product quality, and ensures environmental compliance.

Liquid Analyzers: Liquid analyzers are used for monitoring process chemistry including water quality, providing process optimization and control.

Analytical Services: Our analytical services include installation and construction, startup and commissioning, and training services.

The Instrument and Analytical (I&A) Division provides component level repair and calibration of a variety of instrumentation and analyzers, from pressure transmitters to the most complicated gas chromatographs, both in the field and at our main shop facility. We have a variety of factory trained seasoned professionals from many areas, including Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical, Analyzers, lab equipment and fixed and portable Gas detection from many different manufacturers. We can also provide you with turnkey Welded Stainless steel tubing systems.

In addition, the I&A Division provides services and bids jobs for instrument systems in petrochemical plants, oil & gas production, manufacturing and industrial applications. Along with the design, fabrication, and installation of these instruments, We provide analysis, calibration and troubleshooting service to customers to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

The I&A division also designs and fabricates panels for a variety of applications. These panels are engineered and fabricated by Wingo Service Company at our Conroe, TX facility and we are capable of providing turnkey operation of systems ranging from small RTU and SCADA panels, to large PLC and VFD panels. The Company builds panels to suit specific certifications such as General Purpose; UL508A Listed; Nema 4, 4X; Class 1, Division I; Class 1, Division II.