Wingo Service Company, Inc. was founded by Edgar “Bill” Wingo in 1989 as a complement and sister company to Wingo Equipment Company, a manufacturer’s representative company founded 8 years prior. This new company was founded to meet the service and installation needs of industrial, commercial and municipal customer for instrumentation, analytic equipment and electrical equipment. Wingo Service Company’s 29 years of service has established the brand as a recognized and respected service provider throughout the area. We are very proud of the Wingo Service Company brand recognition, which we have strived over our history of over 3 decades to establish.

The company’s presence in the Houston, TX metro area has allowed access to a wealth of customers over the years. These customers include The City of Houston’s Health and Publics Works Departments in addition to the approximately 165 plants along the Ship Channel, many of which are associated with the Petrochemical Industry.

Every customer is contacted directly following any work or service provided to ensure the performance is consistent with the expectations of the customer and Bill Wingo prides himself on the loyal and dedicated customer base he has built. As of 2017, year-to-date profits have exceeded those of the previous year and Wingo Service Company is experiencing the best year-to-date revenue in the Company’s history.

Wingo Service Co. is also listed as an “Acceptable Bidder” and is on most of the “Accepted Vendor Lists” for customers in the area. We have maintained this outstanding reputation by emphasizing accountability and customer satisfaction.

In 2020, the founder and owner, Edgar “Bill” Wingo Sr., formally handed off executive leadership to his son Edgar E. Wingo Jr. Bill will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and remain the company’s largest individual shareholder. Edgar Wingo Jr. brings to the company over 15 years’ domestic and international executive experience and over a decade working in the energy industry, where he successfully executed many large, complex, international energy projects. Previously Edgar was a Controls Project Manager for Schlumberger, living abroad in Germany and is a decorated Air Force Staff Sergeant serving a tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds an MBA from UT-Austin. He has been married to his wife Erica for over 18 years and they have four beautiful children.