When was Wingo Service Company Founded?2023-03-30T19:59:49-05:00

WINGO SERVICE COMPANY, INC. was founded in 1989 and has been consistently satisfying customers’ needs in the Houston Texas market, regionally, nationally and worldwide ever since!

How do I contact Wingo Service Company?2023-03-30T20:01:09-05:00

Our mailing address is:

Wingo Service Company, Inc
11173 Cox Road
Conroe, TX 77385

Telephone 281.367.9990
Fax 281.367.0915

Email service@wingocompanies.com

What are the operating divisions of Wingo Service Company?2023-03-30T20:02:17-05:00
  • Instrumentation and Analytical
  • Electrical Division
  • Contract Maintenance Division
  • Construction Division
What PLC Platforms Does Wingo Support?2023-03-30T20:03:29-05:00

Our company standard for new applications is the Allen Bradley Micro-800 series PLC when applicable. We provide support and new application development for Honeywell HC-900 projects on the C50/C70 and C70R processors and legacy support for Honeywell HC-900 C30 processor and Honeywell UMC-800 systems. We support many other PLC systems too, including Opto-22 based processors and legacy Allen Bradley SLC-5/0x, and MicroLogix platforms.

Does Wingo provide contract programming services?2023-03-30T20:04:18-05:00

Yes, we provide programming and program support on a project or hourly basis. We can develop application specific code or modify our extensive script/structured text library to meet customer’s needs. Contract programing services are available for Allen Bradley Micro-800 series processors, the Honeywell HC900 platform and support for Red Lion G3 and Graphite series HMI’s.

Does Wingo provide program conversion services?2023-03-30T20:05:22-05:00

Yes, we can convert existing legacy programs from a variety of formats to currently supported processors. This includes conversion of the now obsolete Honeywell 552/1049 HMI’s to Honeywell Control Station 900-CS10/900-CS15 or compatible Red Lion Graphite hardware. Honeywell HC-900 programs may be converted as originally programmed or the code can be optimized and updated to take advantage of the full features of the new HMI and current HC-Designer features. Most conversions are quoted at a flat fee. Please contact us for details.

What industry standards does Wingo use for burner management panels?2023-03-30T20:06:07-05:00

Our internal design standards comply with NFPA-86 or NFPA-87 guidelines as applicable for fired heaters, NFPA-86 for ovens and furnaces and NFPA-85 for boilers. Our panel shop is UL-508A listed and our standard construction practice is to follow those guidelines. We can build burner management panels to meet specific customer requirements or to meet requirements established by the “Authority Having Jurisdiction”. Please contact us for details.

Does Wingo Service Company design control panels for process automation?2023-03-30T20:06:53-05:00

Yes, our standard modular PLC based panel design is adaptable to many industrial applications. We can meet your requirements for Material Handling, Thermal Processing, Fluid Flow Measurement, Level/Flow Balancing, Batch Processing, and Material Blending/Mixing applications.

Does Wingo Service Company provide internet remote PLC/HMI access and monitoring?2023-03-30T20:07:49-05:00

Yes, all of our Red Lion Graphite based systems can be configured for remote monitoring, remote operation and/or remote program maintenance. Our Allen Bradley Micro-800 series designs and our Honeywell HC-900 designs can, as an option, be remotely monitored and/or programmed as well.

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